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2023-04-17T22:51:59-05:00 Oklahoma parents searching for baby formula due to current national shortage | KOKH ( Oklahoma milk bank sees increase in demand and donation as baby formula shortage continues ( Community addresses gap left after KC milk bank closure ( Oklahoma Moms Band Together as Baby Formula Shortage Continues

OMMB Recent Interviews and Articles2023-04-17T22:51:59-05:00

Volunteers: Our Everyday Heroes


In this season of holidays and thankfulness, we at the Oklahoma Mothers’ Milk Bank find ourselves thankful for many people, particularly our volunteers. With only two paid staff members and countless duties to perform, the daily operations of the OMMB would not be possible without the passionate hearts of our volunteers. While we have a small core group of volunteers who regularly give their time, we also depend on the help of one-time volunteers who come give us a hand as part of their school programs. Women and men who spend their time volunteering here at OMMB perform duties like [...]

Volunteers: Our Everyday Heroes2023-01-17T11:13:17-05:00

Danna: Donor Number One


When the Oklahoma Mothers’ Milk Bank opened in 2013, our first official donor was a special mama named Danna. At the time that Danna first reached out to us, she was a newly-bereaved mother. Her lovely son Sylas had passed away within an hour of birth, and now her milk had come in and she wasn’t sure what to do with it. “I didn’t want to just dump it down the drain,” she said. “But I wasn’t sure what to do with it.” Danna met with our clinical director Keri, after which she proceeded to pump three times a day [...]

Danna: Donor Number One2019-05-20T15:19:08-05:00

Oklahoma Mothers’ Milk Bank To Celebrate First Anniversary


Oklahoma City The Oklahoma Mothers’ Milk Bank will celebrate its first anniversary of providing pasteurized donor milk to Oklahomans with a reception Tuesday, Aug. 26, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. The event will include a tour of the milk bank and a brief presentation about the organization’s first-year accomplishments. The public is invited to attend the event, which will be held at the milk bank at 901 N. Lincoln Blvd., Suite 330, in Oklahoma City. “We are very proud of the rapid progress we have made in our first year of operations,” said Becky Mannel, executive director of the Oklahoma Mothers’ Milk Bank. [...]

Oklahoma Mothers’ Milk Bank To Celebrate First Anniversary2019-05-20T15:28:40-05:00

Pasteurization: A Process of Love


Breastfeeding and pumping mothers often refer to their milk as "liquid gold." We have to admit that we agree! The milk that our hospitalized babies receive is life-sustaining nutrition, and the process that it goes through to become acceptable to feed to such fragile little ones is highly-complex. Have you ever wondered what happens to the carefully-pumped ounces that come to our freezers before they make their way to babies that need them? Read on for a breakdown of our pasteurization process! Bags of frozen milk from donor moms fill up our happily-loaded freezers Pasteurization begins with volunteers who [...]

Pasteurization: A Process of Love2014-08-06T14:52:41-05:00



In May 2012, a little guy named David was born prematurely and was admitted to the NICU. Doctors said that he had an air pocket between his ribs and lung, a condition which would heal on its own but was, understandably, stressful to his mother Brandy nonetheless. In addition, Brandy had a difficult time after delivery. During the two days that David ended up spending in the NICU, Brandy said that she wanted to be sure that David received only her colostrum or donated breast milk. Because David was hospitalized at OU Children’s, Brandy had access to a milk [...]




Hello friends and readers! We’d like to welcome you to the blog of the new Oklahoma Mothers’ Milk Bank! We plan to update this blog regularly, and we intend for it to be a place of support, inspiration, and advocacy. The Oklahoma Mothers’ Milk Bank (OMMB) is a hot-off-the-press organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of critically-ill hospitalized and premature babies through the nourishment of donated breast milk. One of the hardest aspects of the process, but also by far the very coolest, is that key word you just read: donated. The OMMB is on a mission to [...]

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