Why Human Milk
Why Human Milk

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that: “All preterm infants should receive human milk… Pasteurized donor human milk, appropriately fortified, should be used if mother’s own milk is unavailable or its use is contraindicated.” (2012)

A recent article in the Journal of Perinatal Medicine stated: “Substantial clinical evidence has placed HM [human milk] feeding and donor HM as a basic right for preterm infants…banked donor human milk should be promoted as a standard component of health care for premature infants.” (2010)


Why Donate
Why Donate?
  1. Preterm/ill infants are not fully developed and need human milk to fight infections and build stronger systems.
  2. Mothers of preterm babies sometimes cannot make enough milk to meet the needs of their babies due to illness, early delivery, or other health problems.
  3. By giving milk you are helping a preterm baby go home a healthy baby.
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Why Get Involved
How to get Involved?

Donors are healthy women who are currently lactating and have extra milk. Donate Your Milk

OMMB is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that depends on gifts to fund its operations.

Monetary Donation

OMMB depends on volunteers to keep costs down.


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